Truffle Kerfuffle

Manjimup Black Truffle

Manjimup; the heart of Australian Truffle Country

The Shire of Manjimup (including Manjimup, Pemberton and beyond) is responsible for almost 90% of Australian black truffle and is the largest producer of black truffle in the Southern Hemisphere. Manjimup truffles are some of the most sought after in the world; prized for their outstanding quality, aroma and pristine grading. They are prized by the world's best chefs in over 30 countries including France, UK, Italy, USA, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong; securing the place of Australian truffle on the global culinary map.

“The Manjimup area is known as a pristine horticultural area with a long history of producing high quality fresh food – and Manjimup truffles do not disappoint in this regard.”  Peter Gilmore

The Dirt on Truffles

Black truffle, or Tuber melanosporum if you want to be scientific, is praised for its rare and beguiling aroma and is one of the world's most prized ingredients.

The fruit of a fungus, it grows just below the surface of the earth, on the roots of oak and hazelnut trees.

Hunted with highly trained truffle dogs, these clever hounds can detect which truffle is perfectly ripe and those that need a little more time.


What does truffle taste like?

The allure of truffles is all about the aroma. Rich, earthy, pungent and deeply intoxicating; a little goes a long way. Warmth helps release the aroma.

Never experienced black truffle before? You're in for a treat; pungent and earthy, it has an intoxicating aroma that uniquely it's own.

The Australian truffle season usually starts in mid/late May but really starts to hit its stride in mid June so Truffle Kerfuffle is the perfect time to celebrate the harvest!


Tuber Melanosporum Explained

The black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is the third most expensive food in the world. Prized for its rarity and beguiling aroma.

Manjimup truffles go by several different names from the latin tuber melanosporum, to French Perigord truffle, to simply black truffle. They are the same variety that are found in parts of Italy and France.


Where to buy fresh black truffle

You can buy fresh Manjimup truffle at Truffle Kerfuffle. At other times, or for commercial distribution, we  recommend our official truffle partners:


Manjimup Truffle Industry

The festival has been supported by the Manjimup truffle industry since it's inception. It has a strong alliance with Truffle Producers of Western Australia.

Since 2017 the festival has included the Truffle Industry Forum and Manjimup Truffle Field Study Tour as part of the programme of events.

The support of our truffle partners is key to the festival's success:

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