Truffle Kerfuffle

Genuinely Southern Forests

In the Southern Forests, 300 kilometres south-west of Perth, we’re lucky to be surrounded not only by magnificent Karri, Marri and Tingle forests, but a true bounty of fresh produce. Many regions speak of being a food bowl, but the Southern Forests, bound by the Shire of Manjimup, truly is one.  

This is why our partnership with Genuinely Southern Forests is more than just in name. Their distinctive stamp is indicative of quality and provenance. 

Truffles, avocados, finger limes, potatoes, apples, pumpkins, persimmons and stone fruit. It all grows here; the region produces over 50 different types of fruit, vegetable and nuts. Add milk, beef, marron and a host of other food types and its clear why the Southern Forests has earned the reputation as a food destination for chefs and foodies alike.

Why is it so good? We put it down to crisp mornings, rich loam soil and a perfect growing climate. It’s a magnificent place to be, whether you’re farming or taking a road trip down south. 

 The Southern Forests has a long history in agricultural production with third and fourth generation farming families working the land their great grandparents cleared by hand. You’ll be able to hear some of this history in the Stories of the Southern Forests space in the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village. 

As a community event our partnership extends to a festival wide commitment to ensure you experience local and seasonal produce at it’s best. From our dining events, to the Chef’s Cabin and Festival Village, you’ll be surprised and delighted by the produce on offer.  

 When it’s time to head home, we encourage you to look out for the distinctive Genuinely Southern Forests stamp and branded packaging so that you can enjoy a taste of our region year round. 

Photography: Craig Kinder



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