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  • Stallholders requiring accommodation are encouraged to book early.
  • Stallholders wishing to purchase fresh black truffle can do so  through the festival.

Terms & Conditions: Truffle Kerfuffle 2016 Stallholders

Covering marketplace operations, in the interior marketplace, entry markets and vendors throughout the Festival Village grounds at Fonty's Pool, 699 Seven Day Road, Manjimup.

Market and Site Operations INCLUDING BUMP IN & OUT

1. Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village will be open to the public between 10.00 and 17.00  Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2016. Truffle Kerfuffle is owned and operated by Truffle Kerfuffle (The Truffle Kerfuffle Inc. ABN 72994536098).

2. Stallholders must occupy their stalls throughout the general opening times of the festival and ensure, to the best of their ability, that they have sufficient stock to fulfill customer need.

3. Bump in times:  Friday 11.00 - 16.00 and Saturday 07:00 –  8:30 (Site is closed to vehicles from 9:00). Entry Market marquees must be erected and all products in their assigned space by 8.30 Saturday. Vehicle based stalls will be issued with separate bump in times (see below).

3A. Vehicle based stalls - food trucks, vans and trailers - should bump in on Friday between 11:00 - 16:00

3B. STRICTLY NO STOPPING / UNLOADING on the roads leading into and up to Fonty's Pool and the Marketplace during bump in and out. Stallholders must park in the designated parking areas and move all goods to their Marketplace position. We advise that stallholders bring a trolley where required.

3C. When bumping-in please provide your stallholders tickets (emailed to you festival week) which will be exchanged for wristbands for two members of staff. These must be worn at all times. Should more be required for additional members of staff please notify Truffle Kerfuffle in advance. Without an appropriate writsband individuals will be removed from the festival grounds and asked to purchase a general admission.

4. Bump out times: Sunday 17.30 – 19.30.

5.  All materials, objects, furniture and waste must be removed from your space by the conclusion of the bump out time. Items left after this time may be disposed of. Stall spaces must be left clean and tidy.


6. The Festival Village is strictly closed to vehicle traffic between 09.00 and 17.00. Stallholders who are not in their assigned space(s) by 08:30 Saturday 25th June must carry items to their assigned spaces. There are no exceptions to this policy.

7. You may only park in the designated stallholder parking area in your designated space. No parking is permitted on any roadway on or off-site.  Parking for additional staff will be within the general parking area. Detailed parking instructions will be provided pre-event.


8. Stallholders must follow all reasonable, safe and lawful instructions from Truffle Kerfuffle venue and event management and security. This includes adherence to Shire of Manjimup Health and Safety requirements and requests.

9. On providing the required documentation and payment Stallholders will be assigned a designated space in the market(s).

10. Spaces allocated within the market(s) will be done so at the discretion of Truffle Kerfuffle. Where possible requests will be met but cannot be guaranteed.

11. Stall spaces will be supplied as an empty space. Stallholders must supply their own stands, counters or tables but not to exceed the width of their stall space(s) and these, including products, tents, and displays, are allowed only up to the space(s) designated.

12. Stallholders must take reasonable instruction from the Truffle Kerfuffle management team in regard to stall set up to ensure that other stallholders are not impeded and to ensure a user friendly market space.

13. Should Truffle Kerfuffle need to invoke cancellation or abandonment of the event, Truffle Kerfuffle shall not be liable for stallholder losses as a result.

14. While security will be in place on festival site, throughout the festival opening hours (and overnight on Friday and Saturday), Truffle Kerfuffle will not be liable for any loss or damage to stallholders property caused by theft, weather, water, fire, obstruction, vandalism or any other unnamed cause.

15. To make sure all stall holders have the best results on the day we recommend they contact their financial institution and request a WiFi enabled EFTPOS terminal (NOT Wireless). There is little mobile reception on site so you will be depedant on WiFi. Wireless technology can exhbit problems in the event scenario. There are ATMs on site for general use.


16. Power will only be supplied when it is requested during the application process. We can not guarantee  ability to grant last minute requests.

17. Entry market stalls are unpowered.

18. Stallholders should supply their own cables, which should meet Australian Safety Standards, Test Tagged and also be appropriate for outdoor use.

19. Stallholders should itemise and where appropriate label their cables and electrical equipment.

20. External generators are only permitted by written agreement with Truffle Kerfuffle. Please request permission prior to making payment of your invoice.

21. All cables should be placed as not to impede festival goers, other stallholders or as to cause a hazard.

Stallholder Conduct

22. Stallholders must comply with all laws and regulations that apply to them.

23. Stallholders must maintain their space(s) in a clean, safe, and sanitary manner; ensuring that any rubbish is disposed of throughout the day and not left to collect around stalls. Vendors must dispose of all rubbish generated in or around their stalls at the close of each day.   

24. Stallholders may not share their assigned space with businesses without the written consent of  Truffle Kerfuffle prior to June 10th. Stallholders retain full and exclusive responsibility for their Market space(s), for their sales, and for the actions of their assistants.

25. Stallholders must ensure that labelling of products is not misleading as to provenance of ingredients or manufacture.

26. Prices of items should be clearly indicated. Stallholders may be required to provide adequate labelling or remove items for sale to correct any failure.

27. Stallholders selling any article by weight or measure must ensure that their scales are accurate and fully functioning. 

28. Stallholders may not bring animals to the Market area, unless required due to disability. 

Product Rules & Quality

29. Vendors of food to supply at least one dish incorporating fresh Manjimup truffle and should utilise produce from the Shire of Manjimup and South West region wherever feasible.  Full Menus are to be supplied prior to festival by June 10th for approval.

30. Stallholders are solely responsible for any damages resulting from their goods. Should Truffle Kerfuffle management deem that a stallholder is offering any low quality or unsafe product, they may require the stallholder to remove the low quality or unsafe merchandise from the Marketplace immediately and/or vacate the site.

31. Vendors of food should employ signage or labeling to indicate where the ingredients of items for sale have been sourced e.g. Southern Forests, South West, Pemberton, Manjimup, Northcliffe.

32. Stallholders must not engage in any activities that bring the brand or reputation of Truffle Kerfuffle, or its sponsors and partners  into disrepute.

33. Use of the Truffle Kerfuffle logo is by written permission only.

34. Requests for promotional material such as festival posters, flyers or publicity images can be made to


35. Exhibitors are authorised to supply liquor by way of sample tasting within the licensed area. Tastings per sample must not exceed the following measures:

- Wine - 30 mls
- Beer / Cider - 50 mls

36. The sale of alcohol is permitted for consumption off the licensed premises. All sales of alcohol must be supplied in sealed bags.

37. All staff must have appropriate RSA training. Scanned proof of RSA and Approved Manager status must be provided prior to the festival.


37. If the Truffle Kerfuffle management believes that a stallholder is in breach of any of the points of the stallholder Terms and Conditions, or constitutes a risk to patrons, other marketplace stallholders or the reputation of Truffle Kerfuffle (it's partners and sponsors), their permission to vend may be revoked and they may be asked to leave the market or site.


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