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David Coomer's Roast Root Vegies with Manjimup Truffle

David Coomer is one of Western Australia's most resepcted Chefs  (previously Star Anise, Fuyu and Pata Negra) and a Manjimup truffle grower (Coomer Truffles). He has been involved with Truffle Kerfuffle since it's inception. Here he shares a rustic but decadent way to make the most of your fresh Manjimup truffle haul and Genuinely Southern Forests winter veg.

David Coomer’s Southern Forests Roast Root Vegetables with fresh Manjimup Truffle (Serves 4)

David Coomers Roast Root Vegetabbles with fresh Manjimup Truffle 3585 photo credit jessica shaver LOW RES v2

  • 10g Manjimup black truffle
  • 8 new season potatoes
  • 4 baby swedes
  • 4 small kholrabi (halved or whole)
  • Butter
  • Salt & Pepper


  • Roughly chop your new potatoes, baby swedes and kholrabi. Boil until fairly tender but not quite done.
  • While they're still hot, chuck them in a baking tray with oil, toss and season with salt and pepper.
  • Roast at 180 degrees celsius until nice and crispy, about an hour or so. A knob of butter on top is good too. Then top with lots of fresh
    grated Manjimup truffle.

 Image: Jessica Shaver

TAGS: 2018 Recipes

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