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The black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is prized for its rarity and beguiling aroma, with more than 80 per cent of premium black truffles produced in Australia coming from the Southern Forests. As the largest producer in the southern hemisphere, the region has secured its place on the global culinary map. Truffle season is short, usually from June to August.

Want to sound like a pro? Get to know the proper terms and you’ll sound like a seasoned truffle professional in no time!

 Truffière - the French name for a place where truffles are grown. It is pronounced TRUE-fee-air. If you can’t find the grave è in Microsoft Word, it is ok to write it ‘truffiere’ or call it a truffle orchard or truffle farm. But there’s no such word as ‘truffery’ or ‘trufferie’ in any dictionary.

Truffier - the person who grows truffles is, in French, a truffier without an accented e, pronounced TRUE-fee-er, but here they call themselves truffle growers.


Australian Truffle Traders

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The Booth family are one of Australia's most experienced truffle families. They have been a part of the Manjimup truffle industry for over a decade; hands on from growing and distribution to dog training and hunting. As farmers they understand that for chefs, getting truffles at the peak of freshness is paramount.

Gavin, Mel and their son Brin, value a place on the land knowing that shortcuts don’t work. Nurturing their soil, trees and environment is key to the perfect truffle. Orchards are a mix of oak and hazelnut trees, on the roots of which the Booth’s nurture black truffle. A team of truffle dogs is a vital part of Australian Truffle Traders; with an uncanny ability to hunt out only the ripest of truffles to be unearthed by hand.

As the owner-operators of Australian Truffle Traders they supply some of the world's best chefs with fresh Manjimup black truffle within 48 hours of being unearthed.

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The Truffle & Wine Co

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Since establishing in Manjimup, Western Australia in 1997, passion and dedication coupled with an extraordinary microclimate has seen The Truffle & Wine Co. become the largest producer of superior black perigord truffles in the world and a premier truffière. Situated on 53 hectares of picturesque, undulating land surrounded by Karri and Jarrah forests, the truffière was established under the expert guidance of mycologist Dr Nick Malajczuk, who is recognised as a world authority on edible fungi.

Producing Black Winter Truffles, the first inoculated trees were planted in 1997 and 6 years later the first truffle was discovered, weighing in at 168g. Their truffle production has grown steadily over time, from 600kg in 2008 to more than 5,000kg, now exporting more than 90% of their crop and supplying the world’s best known restaurants.

The Truffle & Wine Co produces roughly 60% of the total Australian truffle production and have now become the largest single producer of Tuber melanosporum in the world.

The Truffle & Wine Co. works closely with truffle farmers, hunters and distributors from around the world to share knowledge, research and development - and of course, truffles.

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Silverwood Truffles

Silverwood Talent 450 x 340 7

In mid-2008, Rose Yeoman and Paul Robinson purchased land in the Middlesex Valley near Manjimup and named the property Silverwood. This marked the beginning of their Southern Forest tree change and the end of a two year quest to find land with free-draining soil and sufficient supplies of good quality water to grow black truffle-inoculated trees. In November 2009 Rose and Paul planted a five hectare orchard of oaks and hazels and a decade later Silverwood Truffles are producing black truffle which is sold in Australia and overseas.

They have two farm dogs that work during harvest season: Harry a twelve year old Kelpie/Labrador cross who is the chief truffle hunting dog and Flynn, a two year old black Labrador hunter-in-training.

It has been an interesting and sometimes steep learning curve but Rose and Paul say there is always more to understand about the art and science of growing truffles.

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Millgrove Truffles

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With the intention of running their engineering business from home and starting a family, Scott and Leanne purchased a 40-acre property nestled alongside some Karri trees 6kms out of Manjimup in 1993, their piece of paradise…. ‘Millgrove’.

Knowing nothing about truffles, Scott came up with a plan to utilise the southern slope of the property for a truffiere which came into fruition in October 2005, with the planting of 4 acres of hazelnut and oak trees inoculated with Tuber Melanosporum.

Scott and Leanne, along with Solly, a beautiful Italian dog breed known for truffle hunting, have now been farming Perigold Truffle for nearly 14 years, producing nearly half a tonne of truffles each year.

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Stonebarn Talent 450 x 340

Stonebarn has a great story linked to the brand - it is an actual place with a lodge and truffle trees where weddings are held nearly every weekend. Owners Dion Rangé and his wife Sharon purchased the 160 acre property in Manjimup and grow black winter French Perigord trufflewhich is the most expensive black truffle available, on their HACCP certified farm.

Stonebarn pride themselves on the exceptional quality, taste and aroma of their truffles often attributed to the rich, sloping and free draining loam soils that create the ideal terroir, and last year were awarded gold medal at the Australian Food Awards.

Stonebarn truffle products include: truffle salt, truffle oil, truffle mustard, truffle mayonnaise, truffle aioli, truffle sauce and pink truffle salt, with a number of products in development to see the range continue to grow. 

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